Pakistani Hackers Always Have Indian Websites On Mind
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Recently the website of India Revenue Services was hacked by suspected Pakistan-based groups. The site belonged to the Income Tax department and was hacked early morning on Saturday and has been rendered inaccessible.

A CIA-backed threat intelligence company, Recorded Future, has said that the tension between India and Pakistan has now spread into cyberspace as well. It is being carried through hacktivism and even "state-sponsored" attacks. Many popular Indian websites are targets of these attacks and mostly they are targeted during high-profile events like Independence Day or cricket matches.

The report notes that, India and Pakistan's Independence Days, which fall on August 15 and August 14 respectively, create a predictable pattern (at least over the past three years) of attacks and retaliatory strikes by the opposing hacker groups.

What is even more shocking is that, as per the report, Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA) has been publicly posting tutorials on its social network groups regarding how to hack or deface an Indian website. In the past, Indian Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Indian Railways, the Central Bureau of Investigation, Central Bank of India, and the State Government of Kerala have been attacked by PCA.

Image: TOI