Phones next year will need just 15 minutes of charge to last a day, thanks to the new Snapdragon chips
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Qualcomm has announced its next flagship SoC will be the Snapdragon 835, which will succeed the successful Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 821 found in smartphones released this year. While the company didn't unveil much about the nuances of the chip, Qualcomm announced it is collaborating with Samsung to produce the Snapdragon 835 on Samsung's 10nm assembly process, making the chip the first 10nm offering from Qualcomm.

Samsung's 10nm 10LPE FinFET manufacturing process will produce the flagship SoCs, as compared to the 14nm process used in the Snapdragon 821. Samsung has said the smaller manufacturing process will make the new chips about 30 per cent smaller with a 27 per cent performance boost. It will also lower power consumption by about 40 per cent. Qualcomm didn't mention the exact performance and power efficiency numbers, but we figure it is going to be a lot faster and use less power.

Qualcomm did mention though about the new fast-charging technology in the chip, dubbed Quick Charge 4.0. The new charging tech will see a 5-hours of battery with just 5 minutes of charging, while 15 minutes of charging will be enough to give 50 per cent battery on phones running the new chips.

Quick Charge has been the proprietary tech of Qualcomm's which provides high voltage and current over USB cables to charge the battery faster. So far, Qualcomm has relied on non-standard signaling and non-standard use of connections in the USB cable, raising a lot of incompatibility issues with other chargers. With Quick Charge 4.0, that compatibility will be solved as Qualcomm will follow Google's USB Power Delivery specification and as a result, devices supporting Quick Charge 4.0 will be compatible with other chargers as well.

Qualcomm has announced the chips have already gone into production and will power smartphones that will hit the stores in the first quarter of 2017.