Ringing Bells’ Freedom 251: Here’s Why Booking This Smartphone Needs A Consideration
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Noida-based company Ringing Bells lifted the curtains of India's most affordable smartphone Freedom 251 smartphone on Wednesday. With a price tag of Rs 251, which is less than what we shell out for a high-quality screen-guard, this nano of smartphone market could bring a revolution in mobile industry.

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With this notion in mind, we too have been trying our luck to book Ringing Bells' Freedom 251 smartphone since 6:00 am today. But we could only succeed till 'Add Address For Shipping' option. The minute, we checked for accepting 'Terms and Condition' and clicked on 'Pay Now' option, all that opened up was not a payment gateway but a blank tab.

If you too have been facing the same issue, then it's time to think what's cooking? But before that we like to draw your attention to a few other observations that we came across while going through the ' Terms and Conditions' mentioned on the site.
According to the official statement issued on www.freedom 251.com, "Ringing Bells may change the contents available on this website or the products mentioned at any time without notice." This force us to think that the smartphone which we have seen on the website, may not be the same that gets delivered to us.

The second thing that was a setback for us was the availability of Freedom 251 smartphone . According to the official website, the product will be delivered in a period four months. Therefore, thinking wisely before booking your device because the waiting period is too long.

Thirdly, this is what left us in a confused state is that the website revealed, "The descriptions of such products and services may vary in your area. Please consult with Ringing Bells local sales representatives or agents for specific products and/or services information."

Lastly, even the Indian Cellular Association (ICA) has expressed concern over the launch of a smartphone for a meagre cost of Rs 251. According to a PTI report, the mobile industry body has urged Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to delve deep into the issue as they believe that the rate could not be under-Rs 3,500 even after a subsidised sale.

Now it's your call whether or not you want to bring this Android 5.1 (Lolipop)-powered smartphone home? Do let us know in the comment section below.
(Image: Freedom 251 official website)