Samsung Galaxy S5 to sport QHD screen, iris sensor but no metal chassis
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With the year 2013 drawing to a close, with a myriad of high performance handsets making their debut and setting new standards, the attention is now shifting to the next-gen devices, most prominent of them being the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The internet is already rife about all kinds of rumours about the upcoming flagship model from Samsung, more than a few details have already been confirmed by various sources. The latest latest rumour to hit the mill is QHD (2560x1440p) resolution display, courtesy ZDNet Korea. The testing of the new screen is reportedly already over and Samsung is now working overtime start mass production of QHD panels for its next-generation smartphones.

For the uninitiated, a QHD screen has four times the pixels that a 720p (qHD) display packs and is sharper than today's Full HD panels. With the fight for sharper screens expected to get hot further in the coming year, one might wonder about the quantity of HD media available to the consumers to fully utilise the displays.

Apart from the QHD screen, the Galaxy S5, scheduled for unveiling at Mobile World Congress technology expo in February next year is also rumoured to pack a 64-bit processor and a 16MP isocell camera under the hood, apart from running the latest version of Android OS. Samsung has also beefed up the security system of the device, countering the fingerprint identification of Apple devices by employing the iris identification system in the Galaxy S5, a acquired by Samsung earlier this year. Though it might look like a sci-fi to many, iris identification is currently the most secure access control technologies available in the tech world.

However, the customers who were put off by the plasticky build of the Galaxy S4 are most going to get disappointed again as Samsung has reportedly decided to stick to a plasic chassis for the upcoming version of its flagship handset to keep the costs low.

A report published recently on a technology website mentioned Taiwan-based chassis manufacturers as saying that it is "unlikely" that Samsung will offer a metal version of the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is based on the notion that the new model will be unveiled late in February 2014, and still there have been no mass produced metal chassis for the phone. [via ZDNet Korea and Digitimes ]