Scam Alert: Victoria Falls Selfie Video Takes You To Nowhere
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There is a video going viral on Facebook. It claims to show how a man took the most epic selfie ever at Victoria Falls, situated in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and in the process, fell into the Devil's Pool.

The image shown is genuine, and the man seen is actually taking an image, albeit not a selfie.
However, to see the video, the user is requested to first share the video and then creat
e an account.

When you click on the video, you are taken to a Facebook-lookalike website, with even false notification panel, which opens a new window when clicked.

And guess what?
There have actually been around 1 lakh shares.

Sadist people, who would do anything to watch a man falling to his death until and unless it's free, would obviously create an account, which serves the purpose of the website: fake promotion.

Watch out for such scams, and beware of playing or downloading any such videos for safety of your computer and sanity of your mind.

Just a simple Google check won't hurt you, would it?