Taking Screenshots Got A
Tad Bit Easier In Android MarshMallow
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Tap on Now was one of the marquee features of the latest Android Marshmallow update. And while, a lot of users have complained about the feature not doing enough at least as of now, there is definitely potential in the feature. Let's just say that it took Google Now, a good year or so to become relevant, and we hope that it would be same for Tap on Now.

If you have not used the feature, you need to enable it from Google Now settings and once done, simply long press the Home button on your Marshmallow smartphone to bring up a Menu that would give you contextually relevant information about the content on the page. Tap on Now is capable of picking up a restaurant and giving you directions, or picking up a name and giving you a relevant website or Youtube video around that.

With the latest update to Google Now, you will also be able to extend the use of Now on Tap and take screenshots. All you need to do is to fire up Tap on Now by long pressing the Home Button, and look at the bottom left on the Now on Tap screen that opens. You will see a Share icon, and when you click on that, you will see your smartphone take a screenshot and open a menu for sharing the same.

This is a really good feature, especially for those who are looking for a quick solution to taking screenshots and are not okay with using the cumbersome physical button method or just want to use their large Android phones with one hand and need to take a screenshot. Just to be sure, this feature is live with the latest version of Google Now already.