Tech-Savvy People In Rajasthan Can Soon Lodge FIR Online
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At a time, when India is walking on the path of digitalization, online registration of FIR seems to be a people-friendly initiative. It is Rajasthan government which is now thinking of provide e-FIR facility to its user.

While responding to a query raised by BJP MLA Banwari Lal Singhal, Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria, said, "We are considering online FIR registration and this year we may start in any of the districts initially. On the basis of the result of the initiative, further decision (to expand the facility) would be taken."

Kataria also asserted that the crime rate last year had come down and there was a decrease of 5.8% in IPC related cases as compared to 2014. This shows that the law and order is under control of the present government. However, Congress members including Shakuntala Rawat and Girraj Singh alleged that complainants have to face problems in getting their FIRs registered in police station.

It is believed that with the implementation of this e-FIR by the state government, people of Rajasthan can file complaints without facing any problems. But then, the question is what will happen to those who have no Internet access? Let’s wait for the answer until the government rolls out this service.
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