Teewe v2.0 goes cross platform for HDMI-based streaming at
Rs 2,399
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It's fair to say that media streaming dongle-shaped stick aren't that popular in the country and that's mostly got to do with how useful people find them. But we're not really talking about all of us out there which is why you get devices like Teewe that is readily available in the country without the need to get it imported or ask some close friend of yours to get one for you.

So, after introducing Teewe, Mango Man, the start up behind the device is now ready to unveil the product in its true shape and form. We're talking about Teewe 2, which will be available to consumers for Rs 2,399 on Amazon later this month.

It's gone slimmer, lighter and has the appeal of a product which no longer feels like a testing device. The device still works on your local AC power (hard to offer battery power at this price) but comes equipped with better Wi-Fi antenna, which as per the company will be able to handle local connectivity ups and downs much more easily.

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They have upped the hardware quotient by a notch with a dual-core Cortex A9 processor with 1GB of RAM while there's a quad-core GPU to support better graphics experience. And much akin to the first variant, Teewe 2 also has HDMI which gets plugged on to television which has one of those.

On the software front, Teewe app has shed its Beta tag and now available for Android, iOS with Windows (PC and mobile) and even Linux getting the support. The commercial side of Teewe offerings includes choice of getting local video content from EROS which gets duly facilitated by Airtel's 20GB per month (for first three months) to all its buyers.

If you liked the Teewe then it's likely that Teewe 2 might just double up the fun of watching your content from laptop via Teewe 2 onto your big screen.