This is the first Jellyfish lake in India
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India is a land of many diversities and that can be said even about the flora and fauna in the region. There is always something interesting brewing up in some corner of the country.

Would you have ever known that there is a jellyfish lake in India? Yes, the lake in question is situated in a small town named Armabada in Gujarat, and it was quite a co-incidence through which the Wildlife Trust of India's (WTI) marine biologists discovered this lake.
In one of their routine visits, the WTI team noticed a few boondocks. Much intrigued at what could be in this 'lake,' they went snorkeling, armed with an underwater camera.

It took some digging to find that the bottom of this lake was matted with algae, and something pulsating around them. A closer look revealed that it was jellyfish. In their words, "It felt as if the whole bottom was carpeted with jellyfish. It was a beautiful sight".

Back at the field camp, they identified the jellyfish as 'upside down jellyfish' (Cassiopea sp). Another unique feature of the lake was that these jellyfish were present all around the year unlike other places where reports have been seasonal.

While it is good to know we have a jellyfish lake in India. Hopefully, the state manages to pool in some resources and build some tourism at the place, and at the same time work towards preserving the natural beauty and fauna of this lake.