Toshiba To Provide Chips For Google Project Ara
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Japanese tech giant Toshiba has reportedly joined hands with Google, the world's most valuable brand, to supply chips for its Project Ara modular smartphones.

According to business daily Nikkei, Toshiba will prepare three types of processors, to be used in both modules and the phones.

Sample shipments of the chips are slated to start this fall, with mass production to begin early next year.

Google plans to ship a least expensive Project Ara smartphone for as low as $50 in early 2015. However, the consumer will be able to upgrade the phones with modules of their choice.

Project Ara phones will run on Android and the endoskeleton used in these phones will last for 5-6 years. Therefore, you can buy one endoskeleton to upgrade the modules as per new technology.

Project Ara was originally announced by Motorala Mobility in October 2013. Later, the project was shifted to Google.
Image: Thinkstock