Vodafone 4G Services Now Available In Mumbai. Here’s Everything We Know
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Telecom operators are spreading their 4G networks in India at a real fast pace. While Airtel was the first one to roll out 4G, even other telcos are fast catching up and spreading their 4G services in the country. And today, with the launch of 4G services in Mumbai, Vodafone has successfully completed the first phase of its planned 4G roll out in the country.

Prior to Mumbai, Vodafone 4G services were rolled out in Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Kerala, and Karnataka circles. Here's all we know about Vodafone 4G services launch in Mumbai.

What's the 4G rollout plan in Mumbai?
Vodafone will launch 4G services in a phased manner in Mumbai. The telco will start implementation from South Mumbai and then move on to the suburbs.

How much time Vodafone would take for the complete roll out?
Vodafone is targeting to complete the 4G services roll out by March 2016.

How can you move you 4G services?
Customers can walk into any nearby Vodafone store and get their 4G-ready SIM from one of the 56 Vodafone stores across the city. With the new 4G-ready SIM, existing consumers will get uninterrupted mobile Internet experience as per their existing plans and will be automatically upgraded to 4G as soon as the services are launched commercially.

What kind of data charges would one need to pay for using 4G services in Mumbai?
Existing pre-paid, post-paid, and Vodafone Red customers can move on to 4G plans at the same price as their existing 3G plans.

Is Vodafone offering any freebies?
Yes. To attract users in Mumbai to try its 4G network, Vodafone is offering three months access to free TV, movies and music on Vodafone Play. Vodafone has also thrown in subscription of Hooq premium video-on-demand service with the bundle.
(Image: radiobalaton.hu)