Watch The Moon As It Turns Red
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Most of us have read about Lunar Eclipse and know what causes the same. However, the Lunar Eclipse today is slightly different as today, for the first time, it will be a total lunar eclipse; this is the first of four total lunar eclipses that will be happening over the next two years. All these lunar eclipses are spaced approximately six months apart. This event is referred as ‘ tetrad ’. For the facts, the last lunar eclipse tetrad occurred about 10 years ago in 2003-04 and the next group will occur in 2032-33.

Another interesting fact about the Lunar eclipse today is that the Moon will glow red as it receives the refracted light that spills over the Earth’s circumference.

The red moon at time is also referred to as “Blood Moon”. There have been many legends regarding the occurrence of an event such as this. As per Time , “The Mayans, believed that the Blood Moon was caused by a cosmic jaguar swallowing the moon. Others have seen it as a sign the end times are near.”

It is a good day for the sky watchers to take out their camping bags and some munchies as they gaze at the marvels of our universe. However, not all of us enjoy hanging out in the open. Furthermore, we in India will not be able to see the red moon at all but thanks to the technology, we do not need to fret.

Slooh Space Camera consortium have put out a YouTube video through which you will be able to see the moon as it turns red! So don't forget to watch all the action as it happens.