When It Comes To India-specific Content, This Is How Netflix Fares
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CES in the last couple of years has gone from being the tech event where you would get a sneak peek at the best upcoming gadgets around the year, to an exhibition event for a lot of new technologies, without the promise of them ever hitting the consumer market. As a result, the event has lost a little bit of its sheen and the interest in it has definitely dipped. However, CES 2016 for most Indians with any tech inclination was keenly awaited, right from the moment it leaked through that Netflix, one of the premier streaming services of video content was finally set to launch in India after making waves in Northern America and Europe.

Netflix was launched in India and about another 129 countries to a rousing reception, with people finally ready to give up on their VPN services using which they had a US account in order to watch their favourite sitcoms or latest movies. While the first month of trial costs Rs 70 (preauthorization) in India, you will minimum be required to pay Rs 500 rental for the base plan that includes one screen experience and no HD playback. However, minutes after registrations were open, and when people got to browse through the library of Netflix in India, shock waves spread that a lot of content that is available in the US has not made way to India.

In order to verify how much content is available, we took it upon ourselves to monitor the percentage of content that is available on Netflix in three most popular categories: Top English Sitcoms, Top Hollywood Movies and Top Bollywood Movies. We referred to the following lists on IMDB in order to chart down the content that is available:

List for the top English series on IMDB

List for the top Bollywood movies on IMDB

List for the top Hollywood movies on IMDB

In our findings, we found that Netflix had about 3% of the top 100 Bollywood movies, while its competitors, the likes of Spuul and Hooq racked up 25.3% and 21.2% of content present from the same title list. Clearly, if you like your bollywood movies, you are better off going with Spuul or Hooq instead of Netflix.

Coming to English series, the story is expected. Netflix had 19% of the titles that we referred to in the list, while Hooq on the other hand had only 3% of the same. Spuul doesn't have any library for English series so was out of contention already.

When it comes to Hollywood movies in the aforementioned top 100 list, Netflix boasted the presence of about 18.8% of the titles, while Hooq had about 17.8% of the content from the same list. Spuul was once again not considered.

It is clear from the brief analysis, that if you like your English series and Movies, Netflix is pretty much the best option you have in India, especially as Netflix has already promised to populate their catalog in the coming days with more content. If you like Hindi series or Hindi movies, then definitely Netflix is not where you should spend your money (right now).