Worst Airport In India?
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Last week, folks at Gizmodo.com had done a small dipstick to know which is the the worst airport terminal in the United States. They got a warm response to this question with people dishing out horrific tales of protracted layovers, TSA foibles, and security line poopers.

Vast majority of people opted to name an entire airport rather than mentioning a specific terminal. So we in India thought of doing a quick follow-up of the same exercise and ask you a very simple question. We have separated the wheat from the chaff and created a simple poll to ask you which Indian airport, as per you, is the most horrible one?

Vote below, and more importantly, debate below. This is as far as you can get from empirical, and that's the point: We want to hear the most brutal cuts, the most inspired defences, and the most hilarious stories.

The Voting lines will remain open till November 10, 2014 11:59 PM. We have listed below 10 airports that we feel get the maximum footfalls.

AP/Rajanish Kakade.