Xiaomi looking to enter the PC
business soon
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Xiaomi has launched a variety of products ranging from water purifiers to air conditioners, and the company is now seemingly gearing up to release a PC. It is believed that the company has already signed off on a display contract from Samsung, which could be a big boost to Samsung's bottom line given the popularity of Xiaomi in the world markets.

We first came across rumors of a Xiaomi laptop being revealed sometime last year, but that didn't materialize. So it is hoped that the company will take it through this time. In any case, there hasn't been any confirmation yet, so we suggest you take this report with a grain of salt until there's more evidence to prove otherwise.

The report from Bloomberg further suggests that the first laptop in this range will hit the markets sometime in early 2016, so there's still some time till we see this idea coming to fruition.

Given the nature of Xiaomi's business model, expect a new product such as this to be exclusive to China for the first few months while an Indian launch should follow shortly after.

Titans of the PC industry like Lenovo, Dell etc have a lot to be worried about if Xiaomi's laptop business takes off. Right after this news was broken, Samsung's shares saw a slight increase in its home region of South Korea, while PC industry titan Lenovo saw its shares shrink by about 4.3%. So it's clear that the market wants this partnership between Xiaomi and Samsung to bear fruit.