Exclusive: Xolo gearing to launch smartphone with Broadcom BCM23550 quad-core processor in India
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Xolo is all set to launch a new smartphone in the India market. Now you may ask what’s new in it. Well this baby will come with a Broadcom chipset in it.

The little birdie has told us that Xolo is looking at deploying the BCM23550 quad-core processor in this handset and it will be an entry-level Android Smartphone. This chipset was announced in June and the first devices were expected to be rolled out by Q3 2013.

As per Broadcom , This chipset will offer the following features
  • Quad 1.2GHz A7 CPU with ARM NEON technology

  • 21 Mbps (Megabits per second) of HSPA+ downstream connectivity, 5.8 Mbps of upstream connectivity

  • Dual HD display support with 720p LCD and external HD panel via Wi-Fi Miracast-capable displays

  • High-performance graphics based on VideoCore IV multimedia technology, for enhanced 3D gaming and other graphics-rich applications

  • High quality H.264 full HD (1080p30) camcorder and video playback

  • Power management techniques that increase efficiency of cellular RF chip and optimize performance based on workload demands

  • HD voice support for high-quality voice calls with advanced dual-mic noise cancelation technology

  • GPS/GLONASS, WLAN , MEMS, and Cell ID for the best indoor/outdoor location

  • Industry-leading, lowest power 3G/2G dual SIM-dual standby to enable global markets

  • Compliant with ARM TrustZone and GlobalPlatform for system-level security

Its capabilities in the multimedia and GPS make this an interesting proposition. Another thing that has caught our eyes is the claim that Broadcom BCM23550 will provide “Industry-leading, lowest power 3G/2G dual SIM-dual standby”.

Guess Xolo will be amongst the first set of companies to introduce a smartphone that comes with BCM23550. As per our sources the smartphone in question will be a 5-inch phablet and will be competitively price. It is expected to be available in the market by the end of November.

As of now, most of the affordable smartphones come with MediaTek MT6589. Xolo too has launched a few smartphones with this chipset. Interestingly, as of now Xolo is also offering smartphone that come with Nvidia Tegra 3 and Intel. The company is also in the process of launching a LTE smartphone, which will come with a Snapdragon processor on-board.