Yes Or No? The Schrodingers Cat Knows It All
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If you have reached a crossroad in your life and can't decide what needs to be done, maybe it's the time to let the Schrodingers Cat make the decisions for you.

The answer that you are looking for is a matter of life and death for the Schrodingers Cat, quite literally.

When you ask this cat a yes or no question, all you need to do is to slide open the door and watch the cat magically flux between life and death.
If the answer is yes, then this cat ends up staying alive, and if it comes back dead, that's a no.

Measurements: 5 3/4-inches wide, 4 1/4-inches deep and 4 1/4-inches tall.

All it needs is 3 AA batteries and you are good to go. Just for the matter of life and death, don't give it to kids under 14 years of age.

Oh, did we mention that it can be an awesome thing to be kept at your workstation?

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