Apple HomePod’s firmware reveals iPhone 8 will have ‘FaceID’
A long rumoured iPhone 8 feature might just have been confirmed thanks to the firmware of Apple's HomePod. The company released the first build of the firmware of the smart speaker to let developers tinker around and learn more about it. A developer by the name Steve Troughton-Smith has delved deep and has confirmed that the iPhone 8 will have support for face unlock.

The face detection feature has been tipped for long. Smith indicated that the code has support for infrared face unlock inside BiometricKit, which is responsible for TouchID. This suggests that users will be able to unlock the devices by simply looking into it. Infrared unlocking means that even partially hidden faces and faces from various angles will be recognised. And if Apple is using infrared to map faces, it might work under poor lighting as well.

Named Project Pearl ID, the face unlock feature could potentially replace TouchID . It is of course expected that the level of security will be high and it will be able to understand the difference between an image of face and a 3D model of it.

Steve also found some details about the iPhone 8 design in the firmware. Apparently, a render was hidden inside the code which handles Apple Pay authentication.

The code alleged contains a form of a core animation archive file. Smith also said the code shows the iPhone 8 is codenamed " D22".

The design shows the iPhone 8 will have space for the front facing cameras and other sensors on the top notch, the tiny bezel on top of the screen.

Previous renders have tipped that the iPhone 8 will has a bezel-less front and come with wireless charging . However, there is still time between now and the eventual launch of the phone and Apple could play around with the design some more before finalising.