Digital India: BSNL offers free linguistic email service for its users
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BSNL has now rolled out the Digital India dream by launching free email address service in 8 Indian languages to empower its broadband users. This will allow the users to open an email ID in DataMail service in their own language.

“Providing the linguistic email address is one of its kind initiatives in the world to achieve our Prime Ministers Vision of Digital India. It's now possible in every part of India to have an email address in their own language and communicate in preferred language”, said BSNL MD Anupam Shrivastav.

By launching email address in India scripts, BSNL makes e-mailing simpler for Rural India and also aims to promote the usage of Internet amongst non-English speaking Indians.

“Our fully “made in India” software product enabling DataMail service is a revolution in the world as many countries are waiting to inject the linguistic email address to empower the non-English speakers of the world,” said Ajay Data, Founder and CEO of Data XGen.
“The linguistic email service offered by BSNL will have DataOne.Bharat domain (in Devanagari script) and email address will be offered in eight regional languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi. DataMail is free to be downloaded from any Android or iOS system through their respective play store,” said BSNL director for Consumer Fixed Access NK Gupta.

Here are the simple steps that will help you use this service:

1. BSNL broadband customers can use DataMail app which is free to be downloaded from any Android or iOS system through their respective play store.
2. User will have to select the language in which they want his/her email address.
3. Insert the mobile number
4. Select the checkbox ‘I am a BSNL broadband Customer’
5. Insert BSNL broadband number with STD code
6. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number
7. Type the desired Email address in your own language
8. Start using and share with your friends!

A few months ago, Government of India had introduced Dot Bharat domain (in Devanagari script again) in Indian languages to increase the reach of internet users by covering over 70% of the country’s population living in the rural and remote areas.

As per Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicators Report (April-June, 2016) released by TRAI, total internet subscribers in India is about 350.48 million which is just about 30 per cent of the country’s population. So, about 70 per cent of population is not having access to the internet and most of these belong to rural India.