Get to know the EyeMyth Festival, a celebration of immersive new media content
How did EyeMyth come to be?
EyeMyth spent a long time being born. Named after a 9 second film by the eminent filmmaker, Stan Brakhage, EyeMyth was about passion and love for film. It was intended to be a platform for independent filmmaking, artistic integrity, and, above all, artistic innovation and that is what EyeMyth set out to do in 2011.Today the festival has grown beyond a festival of arts and experimental films. Today, it has transformed into a festival of art, entertainment and new media expressions. Curated by established and emerging artists from around the world, the festival showcases the diversity of audio visual content.

Difference between EyeMyth 2016 and EyeMyth this year.
EyeMyth was created in the Indian digital sub-culture scene in 2011, where it started as a celebration of 'Visual Music' at the UnBox Festival in Delhi. Today, it is a media arts festival, unique in its juxtaposition of Indian and global artists and progressive media.

The last edition of EyeMyth saw a host of performances, installations and screenings under the theme of 'Medium as Somatic Impulse'. In partnership with the Japan Media Arts Festival, it investigated definitions of new media at both a national and global level. The aim is to grow EyeMyth every year and this year is no exception in that respect.

This year, the festival will host everything right from augmented public art to virtual reality workshops, AR/ VR film screenings to audiovisual music acts/ gigs and a conference on the future of immersive media and mediated realities in India.

Collaborations over the years and the creative collective the festival has built.

Over the years, the festival has partnered with like minded partners in the space of design, art, music and culture, focused on building a solid creative collective and together strive for better innovation and expression forms.

This year, EyeMyth has collaborated with a number of partners, Unbox, Indian School of Design and Innovation, British Council, Crossover Labs, Street art Festival, NASSCOM, Gizmodo, Unity, Australian Government and Quicksand to bring together a festival of art, entertainment and new media expressions.

Augmented public art

Details of the workshop on Augmented public art.
Presented by ISDI in collaboration with St+Art Foundation, and powered by Blippar, the AR Street Art Crew features 3 established artists presented by the St+Art Festival, who collaborate with 20 participants over 5 days to prototype 3 augmented art experiences.

The workshop kicks off with a 2 day art techniques workshop and an introduction to the Blippar AR platform. Participants will then work in teams to create a variety of illustrations, animations and films that will overlay each artwork as an augmented reality narrative. Along the way, the group will evolve their personal take on the future of street art in India through interactions with the founders of the St+Art Foundation. Teams will present their interactive artworks at the EyeMyth Conference on 20th August to a public audience.

VR Storytellers Guild

On the VR Guild.
The VR Storytellers Guild is a community created to shape the future of Indian VR content. Following a successful first edition in February, the Guild is back for EyeMyth 2017 with a high-energy 5 day workshop. Presented by ISDI, in collaboration with NASSCOM and Unity, the VR Guild brings together award-winning, international mentors Crossover Labs (UK) and Christopher Bailey (Australia) and an interdisciplinary group of young professionals to craft five compelling VR projects. The workshop pushes participants to co-create compelling projects on diverse, challenging briefs assigned to them. Capsule sessions acquaint participants with useful production techniques such as directing for VR, photogrammetry and using the Unity game engine.

Following mentorship on pitching an idea to funders, as well as tips on accessing the international market, the projects will be presented to a public audience at the EyeMyth Conference on 20th August at ISDI.

Immersive media showcase

Film screenings/ immersive media showcase at EyeMyth.
EyeMyth, ISDI and Crossover Labs present an immersive media programme that features a Virtual Reality Cinema of international, award-winning immersive media.

Virtual Reality Films
Easter Rising - Crossover Labs (UK)
Across - Christopher Bailey (Aus)
Yeh Ballet - Anand Gandhi
Nirupane - Jyoti Narayan, Ashish Dubey
Ashes to Ashes - Steye Hallema
Out of Exile - Nonny de la Penna

Augmented Reality Experiences
Memesys - Anand Gandhi
Where To? - Kshitiz Sharma
Here-In-Time - Akshita Mehta


Duet - Quicksand (India), Invisible Flock (UK)


Tribute To Werner Nekes

Future Fiction - Audio/ visual performances

Different techniques/ tools that have been used for the AV performances at AntiSocial, Khar.
Combining vintage found footage (about technology and India so far), with contemporary graphics made using game engines (Unity) and visual programming languages (touchdesigner), to put together a real time generative visual performance with soundscapes.


Larger themes that will be discussed in the conference on August 20th.
Presented by ISDI, the concluding event at the festival will be an evening conference for 200 young professionals and influencers featuring talks, sharing sessions and panels — all geared at provocative ideas for the future of mediated reality in India. Some of the themes that will be discussed are; the future of immersive media in India and the critical opportunities/gaps within this, the peculiar needs for Immersive Media in India and how Mediated Reality (AR, VR, and Mixed Reality) has the power to catalyse contemporary Indian storytelling and preserve Indian heritage.