Gizmodo India is the official media partner for the Wonderflip festival, the coolest circus India has ever seen
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There's going to be madness in rural Khempur, near Udaipur in Rajasthan later this year. A fantastical world will be in existence from 9th to 12th November. The Wonderflip is going to be India’s first immersive performing arts and music festival where the guests will not just be mere spectators, but an active participant in the scheme of things. Welcome to the magical circus, folks!

The festival will span over three nights and four days and you will be absorbed in a world of experiential art, hear some of the greatest live and electronic acts from around the world and dance the nights away under the stars with abandon.

And we are proud to associate ourselves with The Wonderflip . Yep, you read that right. Gizmodo India is the official media partner of The Wonderflip. We will bring you exclusive artist interviews and other festival highlights and we will be having hell lot of fun while at it.

The circus will pitch its tent in the grounds of the Haveli which you might have drooled over in the movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. Two music stages will host outstanding artists, both live and electronic, from India and abroad. Top international aerial, acrobatic and other circus acts will appear all over the festival site, performing mind blowing acts and stunts, creating unforgettable moments. A Wonderflip Circus Bazaar will offer gourmet food and drinks round the clock along with shops with exciting gear and specifically curated festival merchandise. The haveli will also host a chill-out deck and spa, where guests can relax and unwind.

But that’s not even the best part. This is going to be a festival that will not treat you, dear guest, as just a passive observer. Instead, you will be very much a part of the circus. There’s opportunity to dress up, purchase circus looks, become part of art and performances and holistically experience the magic and vibe of the festival from within.

India’s leading artists, fashion designers and design studios will showcase specially commissioned pieces. And most of them will be immersive in nature, inviting the guests to interact and engage with the pieces.

More than that, this will be a festival that gives back. The Wonderflip cares for its guests, its artists, its performers, the local community and the environment. Several initiatives translate that thought into action: For the female guests, The Wonderflip has a special all women’s glamp-site under the name “GAIA”, with pickup/drop off facilities from the airport, female security guards, and all kinds of awesome female-specific festival gear. The festival has also gotten deeply involved with the local community, and created a village activation program that aims to provide livelihood to the community.

The Wonderflip’s eco-initiatives ensure that it leaves no trace behind. The festival has several recycling partners for plastic and cigarette butts, provide free drinking water refilling stations, and has designed an eco-friendly sewage disposal system that ensures all sewage generated at the festival campsite is treated and turns into earth-positive fertilizer for the fields to enjoy once the circus has moved on.

The magical circus is the brainchild of Festival People, which is spearheaded by festival director Aliya Rashid. The team is made up of some of the leading personalities and agencies in their specific field. With overall project management in the hands of Kabir Singh Productions, the curation of the electronic stage is handled by AFE (Ankytrixx & Friends Entertainment), the curation of the live music stage by RA Music. Having vast event and festival experience on the ground, production and event execution is handled by The Production Crew. Based out of Mumbai, Bloody Paper Boat is The Wonderflip’s creative and digital agency. IJR Experiential Design is spearheading the experiential brand integration for all sponsors and partners, and designer Pia Pauro is the aesthetics and design consultant for the entire festival.