Google I/O: 7 Devices We Hope To See
It is almost certain that Google will be launching the next version of Android at the Google I/O and we are also hearing rumors that it might be called Lollipop . However, at this year's Google I/O, we might also get to see some interesting devices:

  1. Android TV Set Top Box
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google will announce "at least one" set-top box running its Android TV operating system at today's I/O event.

  1. Android Wear
Samsung and LG are expected to showcase their Android Wear watch at the Google I/O. Samsung's upcoming wearable would be similar to its Gear smartwatch devices that were released earlier this year. It is being said that the company has been working on an Android Wear smartwatch powered by Samsung's own chips, as well as on another model powered by Qualcomm processors. However, it is not clear whether Samsung will unveil both or one of the versions. Google has already previewed Motorola and LG smartwatches , powered by its new Android Wear platform earlier in the month and they are expected to be launched at the Google I/O.

  1. Moto X+1
Some new images of Moto X+1 have made it to the Internet and ignited fresh rumours regarding the possible launch of this smartphone today.

  1. Google Fit
The Internet search giant is expected to launch something that might be dubbed as the Google Fit. As the name suggests, it is likely to be a new health service that will collect and aggregate data from fitness and activity trackers plus health-related apps. The Google Fit will be a direct competition to the Apple's recently announced HealthKit

  1. Android in the Car
Google has announced in January that it's joining forces with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai, and Nvidia to create the Open Automotive Alliance. We are expecting some news on that front at the Google I/O.

  1. Robots
Will Google CEO Larry Page be accompanied with a 6-ft-2-in, 330 lb humanoid robot when he walks on the stage at Google I/O, the company's developers' conference? Well we never know. But what we do know is that they are very much involved in the development of ROS (Robot Operating System) and making sure that it functions with Android. They may want to start generating some interest there.

  1. Smart Homes
Since the beginning of the year, Google has been giving feelers that it has smart home automation system in the making. The company had acquired Nest and we are expecting that we will see the partnerships to bear some fruit at this year's Google I/O.

Now this does look like an interesting line-up for tonight's event but there are also news reports that suggest that the next Nexus tablet might not be revealed at this event. Furthermore, this tablet is expected to be released slightly later in a separate event. For all the action and live updates about the Google I/O, do stay tuned to Gizmodo India.