Google Play Music Subscription hits Indian shores for just Rs 89 per month
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Move over Apple Music . Google Play Music Subscription, with its library of over 40 million songs, is now available in India. Available across Android, iOS and the web, Google Play Music Subscription offers smarter, easier and low-data music streaming. In an introductory offer, Google is offering the service for Rs 89 per month if you sign up within the first 45 days. You also get a 30-day free trial on all the platforms.

The music streaming subscription service comes half a year after Google Play Music launched in India which allowed users to buy millions of tracks at affordable prices.

To make the service more personalised and user-friendly, Google has implemented its machine learning and context understanding which works intuitively to recommend the right music at the right moment based on the listener’s preference, place and activity.

“With Google Play Music subscription, Indian subscribers can listen to their favourite music across a variety of languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil and more. This music can be accessed from any device with your Google Account. To make the experience deeply personalised, we’ve plugged into Google's understanding of context and machine learning to recommend the right music at the right moment based on each listener's preference, place and activity,” Elias Roman, Lead Product Manager, Google Play Music said in a statement.

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At Rs 89 per month, Google’s offering is by far the cheapest among all the streaming services. Apple Music, its closest rival in terms of the catalogue offered comes for Rs 120 per month while subscription for home-grown Gaana+ comes for Rs 297 for 3 months and Silicon Valley-based Saavn’ s pro membership is offered at Rs 220 per month in India. In a market where music piracy reigns supreme, Google could give musicians a chance to fight back with such a low asking rate.

Coming to the catalogue, Android Central reports that Google isn’t limiting its library in India. From mainstream Bollywood tracks to heavy-metal music, it’s all there.

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Like Apple Music, Google’s All Access also allows offline downloading of music in India which is a decisive factor to succeed in a market like India. You will be offered offline playlists of music based on what you’ve been listening to recently, even if you forgot to download them ahead of time. However, Google goes one step ahead with providing music recommendations based on your preferences, activity and location. Google will also offer hand-picked, curated playlists for a variety of occasions and moods. Be it relaxing at home, or hitting it out at the gym, Google has you covered with the right music.