Honor 8: A design you would want to show off
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The smartphone is no longer a commodity; it’s a daily driver, a PC in your pocket. It’s also one of the gadgets that everyone spends the most time on. It’s your gateway to the internet, a powerful communications tool and a handy camera all rolled into one.

Remember the adage about how the first thing people notice about you are your shoes? Now smartphones come under that category too, it’s not just a phone anymore, it’s also a fashion statement, a high end premium phone makes you look good, it helps you stand out from the crowd.

The Honor 8’s biggest victory is the design; it’s helps you stand out, be unique. In a sea of smartphone designs that offer little in terms of creativity or originality, the Honor 8 feels fresh. It feels important and more importantly, it makes you look important. It’s a design that begs to be shown off, it fights right in, whether at parties or at business cocktails, it works hard to make you look good.

The genius of the design is the fact that it is understated, simple yet effective lines that flow together to make the rounded rectangular chassis. The rounded edges don’t dig in to the hand, they feel comfortable, adjusting to the contours of a hand and offering the user a solid grip. The front and back of the phone have been carefully put together using 2.5D glass, which undergoes a rigorous 15-layer crafting process to ensure that the glass is just reflective enough to catch light without letting it be too shiny as to be an impediment.

The fingerprint sensor is machined and crafted with impeccable detail, letting your finger sit flush with the premium glass. The camera module up at the top left corner have been designed to sit flush with the glass, ensuring no bumps that jut outward to break the beautiful design. The Honor logo on the bottom is also understated and embellished in a font that is classy.

On the front of the phone, the glass feels just as premium, with narrow bezels that ensures a healthy screen to body ratio. The corners of the glass both front and back have been machined inward to create an illusion of glass melding with metal, it looks and feels smooth. The metal on the sides is strong Aluminum Alloy which has been machined to have a consistent smoothness all around, in fact there are no sharp or rough edges present anywhere on the phone. The headphone jack, speaker and the USB-C port have been machined into the metal itself creating a unique cohesiveness with the design, while the power button and volume rocker on the side is carefully considered and put together to not only offer great tactile feedback but to also seamlessly blend into the design.