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What’s worse than finding a needle in a haystack? Finding an email in that Mail app of your iPhone which apparently is full of those unread and marked messages. Now Apple has made some interesting tweaks in iOS 10 that can change the way you search for a lost mail or a specific attachment within a mail.

While the classic Search bar includes results from all the mailboxes after going through every message, Apple introduced a Filter option in the Mail app for iOS 10. The filter deviates from the traditional search option as it only applies to the mailbox you’re looking in. So there’s a separate filter option for Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Junk. Also, each filter settings you opt for will be remembered by the Mail app.

Though, with the filter option you cannot search for specific emails that include a certain phrase or sent by a friend; for that, a user will have to use the Search bar effectively with precise keywords. The filter option will only let you shorten the sample size of your mailbox once you have set it up and selected an option.

In the filter option, you can set the filter to show only the emails that are marked as Unread, those Flagged by you, sent to you, CC’d to you, mails with attachments and from those entitled by you as VIP.

Activating and using the filter option

In the Mail app, go to the mailbox you want to filter. You will see the Filtered by option in the bottom center bar with the default setting marked as Unread, Flagged. Tapping on it will open up a list of options that include filter options:

Include Mail From: iCloud or Gmail
Include: Unread or Flagged
Addressed: To Me or CC Me

Additionally, you can turn on options: Only Mail with Attachments or Only from VIP

After setting up the filters, tap Done and that’s it. Your mailbox will be filtered according to your preferences.

Bonus Tip

Apart from the filter tweak in the Mail app, Apple has also made it easier for a user to unsubscribe from a mailing list just with a tap. You just cannot escape from those gratuitous mails with ads. It’s even more annoying when you just about find that tiny “Get Unsubscribed” link and it redirects you to another page where you have to choose bizarre options just to ensure you get unsubscribed from a particular mailing list.

With the Mail app in iOS 10, any mail which even remotely smells of email marketing gets automatically detected by the app and you will see a line atop it which says “This message is from a mailing list. Unsubscribe”. Hit Unsubscribe and you will be saved from pesky marketing spam. Just a simple tap on the link and you can cut ties with the mailing list. It’s that simple.