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What is the one most important thing that sets your product apart in the budget category? The obvious answer would be the price. To get to that budget-friendly price point, manufacturers need to make sacrifices with the features and the build quality. But the one thing that is the worst hit in this price category is the camera.

Companies assume that a consumer has been conditioned to accept sub-par hardware on budget devices. Thankfully, the trend is changing for the better and leading the change is Huawei. The Honor 6X is the only smartphone to offer dual rear cameras at the price range, and NO it’s not just for show!

The Dual 12 MP + 2 MP setup offers all the features that are present in top tier dual camera phones. The second 2MP camera picks up peripheral details, adding sharpness to the overall image. The second lens is also used for depth perception, allowing you to clearly distinguish foreground and background.

The Two lenses combine to give you a wide aperture range to play with, allowing you precise focus control on the image, you can choose to focus on the foreground or the background which will blur the other plane. You can also achieve Bokeh effects on the dual camera system. The system also allows you complete control over your focus point after you have taken the picture. You can remove the blur or change focus to somewhere else in the image.

The dual camera setup serves another purpose too. Where every other budget smartphone absolutely fails to take decent photos in low light, the Honor 6X thanks to its camera module retains the sharpness and contrast of an image. You also get all the focus functionality working flawlessly in low light as well, giving you the confidence to whip out the phone and take a picture without worrying about quality in low light.

The Camera app itself has been thoughtfully designed with quick access to various settings in mind. Simple swipes to the left and right give you access to settings and shooting modes. If you don’t feel like setting up the perfect shot yourself, you can relax and let the wide range of preset modes to do the work for you, the app also has various filters than can be applied in post process, giving you a wide palette to choose from.

The Front Facing 8 MP Camera is excellent too. It might not pack in all the great tech from the rear camera but it is more than capable of delivering a perfect selfie. Not just Selfies, the front camera is excellent when used for video chats as well.

Overall, the Honor 6X gives you and excellent camera in an impressive package. It has certainly become a top contender in the sub 15,000 category.