HyperDrive may be the one stop solution for all your MacBook
Pro Dongle needs
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The new MacBook Pro might have rubbed many people the wrong way when Apple went ahead and removed traditional USB ports from the device, now a company named Sanho is looking to become the glue that may hold together this cracked mess.

The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for an adapter that may turn out to be the Messiah people were looking for. The adapter takes up two the USB-C ports on the machine but provides two USB 3.1 ports, SD and microSD slots, HDMI output, Thunderbolt 3 and a USB C port. The company calls the thingamajig, HyperDrive.

Sanho claims it’s one of the fastest dongles out there, reaching transfer rates of up to 50GB per second and per the company, you can connect devices to all the ports of the dongle while charging at full speed. It can also run Thunderbolt 3 powered 5K displays and 4K HDMI displays at the same time. Sanho says that the dongle can pull in 100-watt power when connected.

The design of the device is also made to mesh with the MacBook Pro aesthetically, so that it doesn’t look out of place when plugged in, it’s made from a CNC precision milled aluminium that has been color matched to the silver and space grey variants of the MacBook Pro and it works across both the thirteen and fifteen inch variants of the MacBook Pro. It also features power efficiency of up to ninety-six percent, along with operating at a temperature of less than 48oC which means it consumes lesser power and stays cooler than most dongles.

The company has already smashed it’s $100,000 goal, raising $1,461,587 thanks to 16,454 backers with five days still left to go. If you decide to become a backer, you get the device at a thirty percent discount for $69 (Approximately Rs. 4,720). The expected retail price of the device is $99 (Approximately Rs. 6,770).