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iPhone 5S is Sturdier Than Samsung Galaxy S5: Study

iPhone 5S is Sturdier Than Samsung
Galaxy S5: Study
We are still not looking for smartphones that can go for a swim with us but we do want them to survive an accidental drop or two. So it will be interesting to check out the sturdiest smartphone amongst the current crop of devices.

Recently, SquareTrade tested the smartphone to check out where each one of them ranks on durability. The smartphones were evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: size, weight, grip and the quality of the front and back panels.

During the process of checking, SquareTrade also measured how far the phones slide when pushed across a table on their backs. They also checked how efficiently these smartphones could withstand drops from 4 feet. The smartphone were even dipped in water for 10 seconds. To ensure consistency, the company had used Robots to carry out these tests.

Every smartphone was given a rating out of 10, with 10 being the one that has the highest risk. Samsung has recently launched Galaxy S5, which comes with IP67 certification. This smartphone has been given a rating of 6. It's predecessor Samsung Galaxy S4 had scored a rating of 7.

The new HTC One (M8) smartphone managed a score of 6.5, while Google's Nexus 5 had a 7. The Apple iPhone 5S was the best amongst these with a score of 5.5 and is also the smartphone that had topped the list this year.

However, even iPhone 5S does not match the score of the last year's winners Moto X and HTC One. Both these smartphones had scored a whooping 4.5 in these rating. [Times of India]

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