In a galaxy far, far away, Modi struts to the Imperial March
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There has been an awakening, but you may not have felt it. In an incident that can be categorised as a major goof up, but for the sake of its irony, we shouldn’t, happened at the 68th Chartered Accountants Day held recently at Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in New Delhi.

The ICAI ceremony was attended by PM Modi who addressed the gathering of CA’s talking about various topics and launching a new course for the Institute.

That is when all hell broke loose for people familiar with Star Wars and Darth Vader. That is when Darth Vader himself must have started rolling in his grave. That is when John Williams would have started regretting composing one of his most iconic music pieces.

Now, think about the irony of our Prime Minister, launching a new course for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, set against the backdrop of Darth Vader’s theme known as The Imperial March in the Star Wars universe.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

To top it off, after concluding his speech, PM Modi waved to the audience and the speakers started blasting The Imperial March again.

Darth Vader’s theme plays every time the evil commander appears on the screen in the Star Wars franchise. He’s a ruthless commander of the Imperial Army who wants to conquer the galaxy for the dark side.

So is our Prime Minister, a fan of the super-evil character? We don’t know yet. But this isn’t the first time PM Modi has dropped a Star Wars reference. In September 2014, during the Global Citizen Festival in New York, Modi concluded his speech by saying, “May the force be with you” which is a catchphrase from Star Wars.

The phrase is often said by Jedi and non-Jedi characters in the films to wish good luck and establish that the force always looks after the addressee.

But in three years, from being the believer of the Force to strutting on The Imperial March, we’re sure he's watching the films in order!