Is there a need for a DSLR when you have the OnePlus 5? Raghav Goswamy answers
Fashion and fine art photographer Raghav Goswamy had the OnePlus 5 with him when he went out to shoot the sunset over the iconic Jama Masjid for Shot For Gizmodo and in the process, he realised he has a potential DSLR replacement with him. While he usually carries around his bulky Nikon D810, this time around, his hands were free from carrying the weight and that showed in the photos he took.

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Raghav pointed out that smartphones have an edge over DSLRs, particularly because it is so commonplace that it can blend in with the surroundings.

“The basic edge being the size and how common it is to have a phone these days. Everyone has a phone, so you can carry it most places, without heavy equipment. It's much less intimidating than a DSLR or any big camera and since people have become accustomed to phones around them they’re fairly comfortable in their presence,” he said.

As a phone too, the OnePlus 5 is not a bad deal. In fact, it has been proven to be the fastest Android phone currently in the market. The OnePlus 5 packs Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor coupled with a whopping 8GB of RAM. The folks over at OnePlus have also tweaked the display to reduce touch latency, making scrolling and swiping feel better. This resonated with Raghav when he used the phone to shoot.

“Its an extremely refined phone, in my opinion. At no point did I experience any lag or trouble. The battery specifically charges in no time and lasts super long,” he illustrated.

According to him, the phone also makes it easy to compose good photographs.

Raghav said, “It does make things easier for a photographer , as the auto mode gives a good detail of the highlights and shadows that you see in reality. Whatever little needs to be compensated, is very easily done through the pro mode that the camera on the phone offers.”

And for a person more used to wielding bulky cameras, the OnePlus 5 is a blessing indeed. The phone, which incidentally got one of the highest ratings by imaging experts, DxO Mark, has superior image processing capabilities. The result are the photos you saw on Shot For Gizmodo.

“Apart from the grip and handling, there isn't much of a difference. Phone cameras have surely come a long way. On a day to day basis, there isn’t really a need to carry a professional dslr for images. Specially with the built in RAW mode on the OnePlus 5 , you get very detailed files of the images, that have the capability to be enhanced to a very high extent. On its own, just with the stock app,and even without any external editing apps, it’s a very powerful and equipped camera. Specially considering it's on a phone. ” Raghav said.

One of the best things about a DSLR camera is the fact that you can zoom in without noise creeping in. The OnePlus 5 has attempted to emulate it on a micro level. The twin lenses are used to go up to 1.6x optical zoom.

"Normally zooming in too much on phones is a hassle, because the images tend to get grainy. I did use the feature in a few of my images though, and was surprised to see barely any difference. Especially when I clicked them on RAW , because I could edit them and correct whatever little difference I saw, once I was done clicking,” he revealed.

Raghav Goswamy is a young and talented fashion and fine art photographer based out of New Delhi and Mumbai.

Raghav Goswamy is a young and talented fashion and fine art photographer based out of New Delhi and Mumbai.