Mayer’s Fresh Releases From His Latest LP, The Search For Everything, is Bringing The Dream
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Over a heartfelt twitter message, John Mayer just invited the whole of Internet to listen to the first four tracks from his latest LP - The Search For Everything. And we have once again fallen in love with the singer songwriter’s, classic washed out guitar riffs, dreamy lyrics, reminiscing love, heartbreak and change.

In a fashion similar to his contemporaries (that include Drake & Rihanna), Mayer has moved away from the traditional music release path, choosing instead, a phase wise roll out of his new work. The first installment of Mayer’s 7th music album, released after over 3 years since his last work (Paradise Valley - 2013), appears to be among his most detailed, emotional and elaborate music works. We took quick a quick look at the new songs and some background inspirations for the compositions –

“Moving On & Getting Over”

Among the initial works for the album (originally penned in 2014 apparently), the upbeat groove of the track seemed to have sprung out from a mistake, made when the track was loaded backwards. But resonates nonetheless perfectly with Mayer’s personal recovery from broken relationships of the past. Interestingly, the song’s catchy verse emulates a stuck-CD style, the lyrics following each other with full stops between each word. Easy on the ear, filled with little magical, lyrical moments (“…Tell me I can keep the door cracked open to let the light though…”), Mayer seems to be moving on with a dose of some summer sun and a happy, recovering heart.


In an interview with the Rolling Stones magazine, the Daughter’s singer describes “Changing” to be the “spiritual centerpiece of the album”. The song starts out with an addictive hook line, that reflect personal changes in life, love and time. In an effortless chorus, Mayer clarifies that he isn’t done changing before bursting into a R&B inspired guitar solo. The song is simple, haunting yet happy, almost a childlike protest at life, at our chances at changing, throughout and out.

“You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me”

In a closely resembling Elton-John-tribute-like fashion, Mayer gives up this song ballad to remember past love. Accompanied by some beautiful piano playing, the song apparently was composed between closed studio doors, with Mayer and long time engineer Chad Franscoviak, and recorded in a single take. Elegant, poised and heartfelt, the track has the real, un-accompanied Mayer swing all over.

“Love on the Weekend”

Imbibing some true blue Californian love, “Love on the Weekend” builds itself over crisply served, rock and roll guitar licks. In a matter somewhat distinct to the other songs in the compilation, the track focuses on new beginnings, and aww”ness” of special butterfly phases in new relationships. And if it is someone like John Mayer crooning out love struck lyrics, you can’t help topple over that glass of Margarita while bringing over some love on the weekend.

2017 seems to be bringing big music out to the world, but no one is bringing the love around like boy jeans and guitar like John Mayer. Did someone just bring days of cotton candy and high school heartbreaks?

(This article has been written by Shweta Sharma who is a Delhi based entrepreneur/musician)