Mission Sanitation: Now, Google will help you find public
toilet in Delhi-NCR and Madhya Pradesh
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Inadequate sanitation is a major cause of disease world-wide and improving sanitation is known to have a significant beneficial impact on health both in households and across communities.

With construction of individual and public and community toilets in urban areas getting on to fast track, Swachh Bharat Mission has moved to a new level of improving ‘ease of access to public toilets’. Wondering how? Well, Ministry of Urban Development has joined hands with Google to enable people to locate the nearest public toilet in five cities in National Capital Region and Bhopal and Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

Known as ‘Google Maps Toilet Locator App,’ this facility will help people in Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida and the two cities of Madhya Pradesh in addressing the menace of open urination and open defecation. Interestingly, this service will be accessible to users both in English and Hindi language.

Sanket Gupta, Product Manager, Google Maps, said, “When you search for “public toilet” on Google Maps in an area where the service is available, you’ll see a list of restrooms near you, including the respective address and opening hours. For instance, if you’re traveling on the national highway 8 in Gurugram, locating a public toilet can be challenging and most often the only option is going to nearby restaurants and cafes. Having this information handy can make things much easier.”

Using the key word ‘Swachh Public Toilet’, users can access 5,162 public toilets located near malls, hospitals, bus and railway stations, fuel stations, metro stations and public and community toilet complexes in Delhi-NCR region, 703 public toilets in Bhopal and 411 public toilets in Indore.

What is more interesting is that ‘Google Maps Toilet Locator App’ also provides information about the nature of the toilet seat available, whether it is free or pay and also informs you about the operational hours of the public restrooms, etc. It is expected that this facility will soon be extended to other cities in due course.