Nike latest ad is more like an art film with lots of black lipstick
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The brand has always been known for its innovative approach towards its ad creation, and is skilled at striking a special chord (especially) with their Nike Women compilations. This time, British songwriter and dancer FKA Twigs has been roped in as the creative director of the brand’s latest ad film, that talks about Wanting to Discover More, as the the sport giant rolls out its new Zonal Tights collection. Twigs has compiled visual imagery and movement of 12 young artists, and sports stars to highlight the central theme of self expression.

The ad opens into a picturesque forest stream, with Twigs introducing her audiences to her poetry, set to a soft, avante-garde background sequence, starting with the line “Ever since I was young, I knew that I was special.” The video follows individual movements of world karate champion Jay Kirton (who also happens to be a big believer of meditation, which he had originally discovered through his martial arts training - in the video he is seen atop a grey rock, meditating), and Krumping artist and classical violinist Saskia Horton (who seems to be lost playing her violin in the Mexican forests), Yoga practitioner and dancer Paleta CalmQuality, fencing champion Miles Chamley-Watson, among others.

Twigs has conceptualised, directed and performed in the compilation, and has evidently worked to ensure the cast, and team comprises young, hard working, unique artists, and sports talent, who are confident and charismatic. So much so, that the video almost looks like a pop culture teenage revolution from the early ’90s.

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Describing the project, Twigs says, “Through dance, I’ve met young people who work really hard and have dedicated their lives to being active. To me they represent “ modern movement ,” which I define as exploring any genre of sport without boundaries. When Nike first came to me with this project, I saw it as an opportunity to let young people know they have the power to become the best versions of themselves. I put together a cast of 12 incredible athletes to show that it’s about what you do in fitness gear. It's about how you train. It's about how those things help your movement.”

The video was shot in Mexico and styled by London based celebrated stylist Mathew Jones, and shot by 17 year-old, fine arts photographer, David Uzochukwu. Interestingly, the song featured in the video was composed by Twigs much before she was approached by Nike, by the project. She realised that the composition fit really well into the theme, as the song’s key lyrics “Put Your Trust in me”, smoothly carried forward the incessant themes of self belief and individuality.


The video is full of fashion stories that we get to discover, with each visual. Take for instance the face scarf, that reads NIKE, as Horton plays the violin, or the sequences adorning Paleta’s face, or the grey face paint on Lilly Letter’s. There are stories that compliment the personalities in a vibrant, most unique manner of each celebrity featured. To cut it short, this is literally a two minute, fashion show packed into YouTube for ease of viewing.

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