Now Airtel offers Free 3GB 4G Data per month to take on Reliance Jio
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Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom operator has announced fee data offer to excite its existing and new customers. The company decided to take this decision, followed with the intense competition that was laid by Reliance Jio that caused an intense steer in the telecom market.

Airtel on Tuesday announced the new scheme, in which the telecom leader went on to say that it would offer 3GB of 4GB data every month, till the end of the year to those customers that switch to some of its plans from others and the existing users, who upgrade to 4G before 28th February.

Airtel went on to say that, the new twelve month offer would be available to customers with 4G mobile handset and not on their network, well as existing customers, who upgrade to a new 4G handset.

The company plans on opening this option for both postpaid and prepaid options.

Users with prepaid SIMS will get unlimited STD and local calling to any network, along with 1GB/4G data at Rs. 345, where as people who switch to Airtel 4G, under the new offer would get free local and STD calls, along with 4GB of usage data.

People with 4G smartphones, using postpaid and not on Airtel network or upgrade to a new 4G phone, would get 3GB free data every month, using the all MyPlan Infinity plans.

Considering the new offer proposed by the company, concerns have ignited, which might impact the margins and profits with intense competition. Morgan Stanley, the global brokerage, went on to say that the ongoing competitions in the tariffs offered are a big concern and the telecom sector would remain disrupted and challenging, because of Relaince Jio’s aggressive entry in the market.

Both Idea Cellular and Bharti Airtel have incurred extended losses as Idea Cellular stocks went down to 0.4 percent and Airtel stocks went down to 0.16 per cent.