OnePlus 3T is a familiar friend which lasts longer
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Let me in you on a small secret. I have been using the new OnePlus 3T for the last two weeks. And it is a lovely phone, just like the ‘in vogue’ OnePlus 3, but more or less it will feel like a familiar friend, so much so that you’d be hard pressed to find differences between the two. But, if there is one definitive difference, then it is the battery life.

The battery, to me, was the biggest upgrade to the OnePlus 3T from the OnePlus 3. From 3,000mAh it was improved to 3,400mAh on the OnePlus 3T which is almost a 14 percent bump. This is the one thing that really shines through with the OnePlus 3T as this phone has always lasted me for more than a day consistently, which wasn't always the case with the OnePlus 3.

To augment the superb battery life on the phone, one still gets the services of the dash charger on the OnePlus 3T, which revealed its awesomeness on the OnePlus 3 as its standout feature. A byproduct of OnePlus’s Oppo roots, Dash Charger is essentially VOOC charging technology - a type of fast charging technology on steroids.

On the OnePlus 3, I often could charge the phone for 45 minutes and eek-out hours and hours of battery life, even under extreme use cases where the phone was being used incessantly. With the OnePlus 3T dash charging doesn't come to the fore, but it does help out often when one has forgotten to put the phone on charge in the night and you're rushing to work with almost no battery. I could just put the phone on charge while taking a shower and by the time I came back, the phone had quite a bit of juice.

Of course, there are other improvements. The rear camera now captures slightly sharper photos. The phone is technically faster, something which I am benchmarking. It is due to get new software which will make it more pleasant to use, going by what Google has done on Nougat.

But, if you put a gun to my head, the OnePlus 3T is a familiar friend which lasts longer. This is still a superb phone, perhaps, not as game changing as the OnePlus 3, but then again, there wasn't much OnePlus to upgrade - it has the best processor in the market, the maximum amount of RAM, 128GB of storage, a good camera both on the front and back and clean software.

As Vikas Agarwal told me at the launch, this is an upgrade of the OnePlus 3, not a new model. The next leap will clearly happen with the OnePlus 4 when the components are available for OnePlus to aggressively launch a new phone which breaks price and feature barriers.