OnePlus 3T is launching this Friday: Here's everything we know
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OnePlus 3T launched mid-November replacing the previous OnePlus 3. And after running a couple of teasers on Twitter and Facebook , OnePlus announced it will launch the OnePlus 3T in India this Friday , December 2. It takes after the design of the OnePlus 3 but comes powered by an improved processor, has more battery, offers more storage and comes in two new colours. However, the OnePlus 3T is a phone that doesn't make much sense . It replaces a flagship, an excellent one at that, within just six months and doesn't add anything new whatsoever.

Having said that, the OnePlus 3T should be as good as the OnePlus 3, if not better . Here's everything we know about the upcoming OnePlus flagship:

1. The Design

The OnePlus 3T is named so because it's not the proverbial S variant of flagships that come out after a few months of the flagship's release, with better design and better specs. You won't be able to tell the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T apart because they essentially sport the same design. OnePlus hit a jackpot with the minimalist design in the OnePlus 3 and thought best to leave it unchanged. The same anodized aluminum unibody design is maintained with near-zero bezels on the edges. In addition, it retains the recessed oval/rectangular fingerprint scanner that also doubles up as the home button and has antenna lines running horizontally along the top and bottom part of the rear.

Having said that, the only change in the design is the introduction of two new colours- Gunmetal Grey and Soft Gold.

2. The Hardware

Take away the design and what you'll have is basically a brand new phone from OnePlus. The OnePlus 3T is powered by the Snapdragon 821 processor, the new flagship processor by Qualcomm. It is a quad-core processor running 4 Kyro CPUs clocked at 2.35GHz. Incidentally, this is the same one that powers the Google Pixel phones and the concept-that-came-true Xiaomi Mi Mix and the Mi Note 2. While the OnePlus 3 used the Snapdragon 820, the new processor gives a 10 per cent boost in performance and use 30 per cent less power. The RAM remains the same at a hefty 6 GB which is more than enough to handle your day to day task and some more. In addition, apart from the 64GB storage, you also get a 128GB internal storage variant.

3. The Camera

Here too there are some significant changes in the OnePlus 3T, justifying the upgrade. The front camera is now bumped up to a 16-megapixel shooter from the 8-megapixel found in the OnePlus 3. It now uses an image sensor from Samsung ensuring an upgraded video chat and selfie experience. The rear camera while still retaining the 16-megapixel Sony IMX298 sensor can now leverage the next generation Electronic Image Stabilisation in the new processor. EIS 2.0 makes use of sensors like the gyroscope and accelerometer to stabilise the video and this is bound to improve the shaky videos that was one of the cons in the OnePlus 3.

4. Bigger Battery

OnePlus has responded to the criticism the OnePlus 3 faced about its 3,000mAh battery which proved to be too small to power an AMOLED screen, 6GB RAM and a flagship processor. Even on regular usage, the battery gave up in the middle of the day. To make amends, OnePlus has increased the power to 3,400mAh which will now be just about enough to last you a day on regular use. It's nothing extraordinary, but will do the job. The excellent Dash Charger is still there to make things much easier.

5. Software

The OnePlus 3T runs on the old Android 6.0 Marshmallow, despite pre-launch rumors suggesting it will come running Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. That didn't happen and essentially OnePlus 3T runs on the same OS that powers the OnePlus 3- Oxygen OS. However, post the launch, OnePlus promised to bring Android 7.0 Nougat as early as December to both the OnePlus 3 and the OnePl

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