Steam Greenlight
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Valve, the gaming platform giant mentioned in their community blogpost that it’ll be pulling the plug on its community driven games service Steam Greenlight and will be replacing it with a new service called Steam Direct.

Valve will soon create a new direct sign-up system for developers for publishing their games directly on Steam, hence the name ‘Steam Direct’. The service is scheduled to begin this year in Spring.

The sign-up process will entail a set of digital paperwork, along with personal or company verification and tax documents. This new service will let game developers publish games on its platform for a fee. The fee for publishing hasn’t been stated yet, however we can expect it to fall between $100 and $5000.

The blog post states:

The next step in these improvements is to establish a new direct sign-up system for developers to put their games on Steam. This new path, which we’re calling “Steam Direct,” is targeted for Spring 2017 and will replace Steam Greenlight. We will ask new developers to complete a set of digital paperwork, personal or company verification, and tax documents similar to the process of applying for a bank account. Once set up, developers will pay a recoupable application fee for each new title they wish to distribute, which is intended to decrease the noise in the submission pipeline.

The reason for the inclusion of the fee is basically to reduce the strain in the submission pipeline. With Steam Greenlight, the company tried creating an instant distribution system for developers to showcase their creation, it wasn’t a refined method, however and Valve is looking to improve the entire pipeline for bringing new content to Steam and finding more ways to connect customers with the types of content they want.

The blog post further states:

We want to make sure Steam is a welcoming environment for all developers who are serious about treating customers fairly and making quality gaming experiences. The updates we’ve made over the past few years have been paving the way for improvements to how new titles get on to Steam, and Steam Direct represents just one more step in our ongoing process of making Steam better.