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Top tier performance at mid-tier prices

Smartphones are an evolution of the humble mobile handsets of old. Those little devils with tiny screens may be nostalgic but are completely unsuited to the fast-paced hustle of modern life. Phones evolved to be smarter, more powerful not because the people wanted it but because our modern lives demanded it. The need for a reliable, fast and all-encompassing communications tool pushed the smartphone industry forward until we arrived at the modern smartphone that we know today. The demand for media consumption pushed the screen sizes upward, while the want of a premium experience led to breakthroughs in materials used to build a phone. One more thing that changed is the emergence of the modern-day smartphone as a powerful platform that rivalled desktops for productivity features, which meant you could get real work done on the move.

One unfavourable outcome in this rapid evolution process was the price. The price of premium tier smartphones is astronomical, putting them out of reach for many a consumer. The Honor 8, on the other hand, offers that top-tier performance at a price point that is comparable to a phone placed in the mid-tier segment. We want our phones to be snappy and responsive, we want our apps to open at a single touch of the icon, we want to take shots as soon as we press the shutter and we want our phones to multitask, cheerfully waving in and out of apps at a moment’s notice. The Honor 8 delivers exactly that, thanks to the homegrown HiSilicon Kirin 950 Octa core processor which has been custom built and optimised for the honor 8 ensuring that the phone always keeps pace with whatever you do. The Kirin 950 is paired with a generous 4GB RAM which helps keep as many apps as you want open in the background. The Mali-T880 MP4 GPU provides fantastic graphics performance, so regardless of whether you whip out the phone for one of your impromptu gaming sessions or editing high-quality video on the go, you will notice no frame drops. The Honor 8 also comes with 32GB of internal storage to help keep all your photos, documents and music in one place and if you ever feel the need for more, the Honor 8 provides microSD expansion up to 256GB.

A phone perfect for photography

Think about it. When was the last time you stared through the tiny viewfinder at the back of a camera, those small portable point ‘n’ clicks that were a rage not too long ago. Those simple cameras were designed to be user friendly, often stripping away the more advanced features of DSLR’s in favour of quick operability, they were made for people who did not want to waste time setting up the perfect shot instead capturing a moment was paramount and the humble point ‘n’ click was set up to do just that.

Now how long has it been since you took the small thing out of the cupboard where it has been gathering dust? Have you ever wondered why that was?

Your Smartphone is more than just a communications tool, it’s the one thing that you have on you always and the camera on the back of your smartphone has become more than just a novelty it once was. The smartphone camera now embodies the spirit of the point ‘n’ click, helping you capture a moment, without having to fumble through your bag trying to hunt down the elusive little camera, you swore you packed in. The camera on the back of your smartphone is easily accessible, always ready to go and perhaps, even more, user friendly than the point ‘n’ click once was.

Huawei understands this, that is why they have packed the Honor 8 with the most advanced optics on a smartphone camera yet. On the back of the Honor 8 are dual 12MP bionic lenses which combine to give you the perfect photo. One of the lenses captures the world around you with a full, rich colour palette, while the other captures the same photo in monochrome that helps give your images more light and increase the sharpness. In tandem, they work to recreate the world around you in a crisper, richer image that frames the moment you want in time.

In Low light, where most smartphone cameras struggle, the Honor 8’s hybrid auto focus system uses razor sharp laser focus for short range, a precise depth focus system for long range and contrast focus which help ensure that complex lighting conditions are something you will not need to worry about. The camera module also comes with built-in ISP that helps improve focus, speed and the processing time needed for a photo ensuring that you capture the image that you want, the instant you press the button. The wide aperture of the lenses help you blur the background of your images from F0.95 to F16, giving you a lot of options to play with and for some reason, if you are unhappy with the blur, then you can always adjust it after the image has been taken, giving you a lot more creative control.

Have you whipped your smartphone camera and felt handicapped by the lesser number of options, have you ever felt that it was holding you back when taking an image? The honor 8 fixes that problem by giving not just a consistent automatic experience but also an advanced suite of options that help you tinker to your heart’s content to frame that perfect image. In fact, the options present here rival the bulky professional cameras for the manual user control it gives you.

Just because the Honor 8 has a fantastic camera on the back doesn’t mean they have forgotten the importance of a good front facing camera. In an age where video communication is slowly becoming a standard for both casual and business meets, the 8MP front facing lens helps you make a point more authoritatively. There is also a “perfect selfie” mode for those fun times when you want to share your experiences with the world. It helps you customise beauty settings and dials in your preferred modes automatically.

The camera on the honor 8 is more than just a point ‘n’ click, it’s a tool that makes the world around you, a canvas, limited only by your creativity.