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The next iPhone could be your central hub for medical information, could also come with wireless charging1 of 3

  • An iTunes for medical data

    An iTunes for medical data

    The current scenario requires patients to either log in to hospital web sites, or call up the previous doctor and have him mail the documents over, or even maintain a file on his own. With the upcoming iPhone, Apple is looking to change that.

    CNBC reported that a secretive team in Apple’s health unit has been in talks to consolidate medical data such as allergy lists, lab results and the likes to the iPhones. For that, the team has been talking with developers, hospital and other industry groups.

    So far, Apple has only focused on providing fitness and wellness. iOS devices come with HealthKit which store information like steps walked and hours slept. Although there is a section for “health records” but that works only when you manually import documents on your own.

  • Apple could solve one of health industry’s biggest pain points

    Apple could solve one of health industry’s biggest pain points

    If Apple is successful, it could potentially solve a big problem with the health industry. Despite being in the digital age, a patient’s medical information is scattered across doctors, hospitals and health institutions. The problem is called an “interoperability crisis” and more often than not, a lack of proper information leads to wrong diagnosis and mistakes.

    To turn the thing into reality, Apple is reportedly involved with discussions with the health IT industry. This includes “The Argonaut Project” which promotes open standards for health information and “The Carin Aliance” which gives patients the power to control their own medical data.

  • Wireless charging, finally

    Wireless charging, finally

    In other news, there are also strong rumours that the next iPhone could finally sport wireless charging. Wistron, Apple’s manufacturer of phones in India accidentally let slip that the next iPhone is going to include “new features like waterproof and wireless charging.” While waterproofing was introduced in the iPhone 7, wireless charging is still largely missing from the iPhone. Even before, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted that the anniversary edition of the iPhone will have wireless charging. Heck, there was even a schematics leak which showed a large pad shaped like a wireless charging antenna on the iPhone.

    There are still months to go for the next iPhones to launch, and the rumours are going to keep coming. We recommend taking them all with a pinch of salt.

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