Vidya Vox just copied Anu Mallik in the chorus of her latest original music video
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YouTube music sensation Vidya Vox, dropped her first original composition last week. It’s catchy, dreamy and fast. And her rebellious western take on Indian wear, more than makes up for a practically non existent, almost painful chorus.

Known for her unique Indian spin on popular hits, Carnatic trained Vidya Iyer, shot to fame in 2014 with her more than eclectic series of mashups, of Bollywood (at times Tollywood), and English pop music. Notable among them being, Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, Major Lazer’s Lean On, Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Take Anymore, etc. With a following of over 3 million (including celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan), Iyer has finally released the latest video to the original song, “Diamonds”, clearly taking a break from being the queen of mashups. The song is the first from her upcoming EP, scheduled for an August release this year.

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In the video for “Diamonds”, as with her previous videos, Iyer blazes through a myriad of colorful, Indian ethnic wear, against the backdrop of desert imagery, buoyant dancers and rapper Arjun’s Jay Sean inspired semi verses. Which is all great, until you hear the chorus. “Aye le lo, aye le lo”, the chorus, rides on a 4 syllable melody, and only that. The woman actually beat Anu Mallik to his own deviant game.

Her quirky Indo fusion outfits, paired with denim jackets and an attractive nathni can take one’s attention away only so much from the painful chorus, if it weren’t for the love of her voice, we are so used to YouTubing. The song on the whole, marks an interesting attempt at re-creating the Indo English genre, much like the early 2000s attempt of Jay Sean and like. Which reminds of the featured rapper in this case, who definitely holds promise in carrying their efforts into 2017.

Chorus or no chorus, Iyer has interests over the globe piquing for her upcoming album, and “Diamonds” carries promise, if not something else. We wish her best wishes and suggest a leaf out of George Michael’s book, write choruses that rival verses, and still claim top position across countdowns (Careless Whisper guys, remember?!)


Her glitter crop top with shiny horse shoe pants, are giving us new ideas about recycling our own ethnic wear. But her silver plaqued extended nose ring, literally steals hearts.

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