We always knew it, Ed Sheeran is a Lannister!
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This article is dark and filled with spoilers

Ed Sheeran is known for filling up stadiums with fans but the ginger-haired singer has somehow ended up in Westeros. The colour of his hair is a dead giveaway. He’s a Lannister. And probably the only one to befriend Arya Stark.

The first episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones premiered last night and fans were in for quite a surprise. Never mind the first few minutes where the youngest Stark daughter finally catches up with her hit list, spotting everyone’s favourite singer was a pleasant surprise. What was even more surprising that he didn’t end up dying. But we might just be counting our eggs too soon.

After slaughtering the entire Frey family, Arya, tired and victorious was walking in the woods when she encountered a melody she doesn’t recognise. Turns out, it’s Ed Sheeran jamming in the woods. That’s a pretty song”, she says. Sheeran replies, It’s a new one.”

We don’t know exactly what, but it’s probably Sheeran’s good looks, but it so happened that Arya was not skeptical of a Lannister she stumbles upon. Instead, she dismounts her horse and settles down for a dinner by the fire with Sheeran and his band mates.

From the sixth season itself, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss took creative control over the plot from author George R.R. Martin. With the sixth book due for a long time, the series had to go on. Hence, the writers of the show decided to give their own spin to the story. As was announced before, the ending to the show will be different from the books.

But whoever knew, Ed Sheeran will be in the scheme of things!