We love the Calvin Klein story inside The XX's latest music video
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We have talked about their genius before. And it looks like Calvin Klein couldn’t agree with us any less. The UK based electronic trio are back with their new song Go on, I Dare You”, and they have bought an iconic American fashion label, with them. The song is from their latest album, I See You”, launched early July, 2017.

The video for the song, released one week ago over YouTube, packages the collaborative efforts of Calvin Klein’s Chief Creative Office ( since August 2016), Raf Simons and photographer and film maker, Alasdair McLellan in a reminiscent LA setting from the 90s. The camera follows a bunch of Calvin Klein celebrities and pop culture icons ( take Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown) as high school lovers, cutting school to explore formidable manors, to witness the band performing their song, against a clear blue sky.

The video, shot at the landmark buildings of Llyod Wright’s Sowden House and John Lautner’s Rainhow House, follows Simon’s recent efforts to remind audiences of the brand’s creative supremacy over its counterparts. The fashion is dreamy, creative and believable. Even if it is actually Paris Jackson, sashaying around her sofa in the cult CK bra.

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Among the other featured celebrities, New York based fashion model Lulu is conspicuous as Brown’s elder sister, demonstrating ( with ease) the pain of having a 13-year old sibling, tailing you around the clock. Another feather to the model’s soaring popularity in the fashion circuit ( she has done extensive work with CK, previously). But our favourite remains Brown’s expertise in manipulating her big sister in bringing her along with her friends, shown at the start of the story.

Incidentally, Brown also happens to be the newest face to Simon’s latest addition to the Calvin Klein collection, titled By Appointment” where buyers can experience special pieces tailored for them, exclusively ( previously available only for celebrities). A great way to ensure that jeans and underwear aren’t the only things the brand remains known for.

It is almost unbelievable how the clothes neatly blend into the video environment, almost like watery extensions of the background colours. Without entirely rubbing out the couture component of Simon. Thankfully, just when video advertising was getting to be a literal pain in the ass, some American couture underwear comes and saves the day.


When it comes to fashion, we love the combined effect of the music and the clothes. Mostly black and dark blue hues, we heart the 90s influences. Take for instance, the skin-tight turtlenecks, matched with high waist, ankle length bottoms. Oh, and served with dollops of middle hair partings.

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