Why are Rihanna’s nipples the center of attention in DJ Khaled’s latest video?
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Rihanna’s sheer red gypsy top, is the reason why most of her counterparts have melted into the background, this summer. This is considering an entire entourage of sheer body suits and meringue swimsuits for the sunnier part of 2017 so far. And of course, the singer remains the chief reason for the swift convergence of the entire world media, onto a single transparent red item of clothing.

Even as clubs and lounge bars are swaying to DJ Khaled’s latest offering Wild Thoughts”, we are getting busy following the busiest person in the song’s wildly popular video. Rihanna not only lends some of her classiest oomph to Santana’s effervescence guitar licks, re-plated with dubstep and round table gimmicks. But also prances around in some serious drop dead gorgeous fashion pieces, for our benefit. The song is one of the first handouts from Khaled’s latest release Grateful”, released last month. The album also goes on to feature the likes of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, Drake and Calvin Harris.

Obviously, her mini crop top in sheer, red chiffon remains the video’s chief highlight. For those contemplating her no bra act, it isn’t the first time Rihanna has revealed et all. In 2014, she posed topless for the French magazine Lui, in a totally sexy but non-porno but sort of way. And no, she wasn’t part of any #freethenipple movement either. Pretty obvious, from her similar appearances at the CFDA awards ceremony in NYC, or earlier music video of the hit song Work, Work, Work” featuring then close friend Drake.

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Sheer or not, our favorite part remains the curve hugging, high waist, floral printed Balenciaga pants that accompany her gypsy outfit. She pairs them matching knife boots, and Lynn Bann made hoop earrings. And just when you think you have everything, right from great music to the perfect outfit in front of you, the video cuts to the next scene. Rihanna rolling around on a poufy bed in an Alberta Ferreti turquoise chiffon off shoulder dress. So much so, that one would hardly have time to notice Bryson Tiller
( also featured) over her bright red nail paint, and poppy vocals.

The video concludes with Rihanna towering over the world ( with the two men alongside) in her yellow chiffon Matthew Adams Dolan top ( the young Parsons graduate responsible for Bad Girl RiRi’s oversized denim jackets, and Lady Gaga’s summer spoils).

We willfully concede Rihanna, nipples or not.


It was a close call between the sheer crop top, and the blue chiffon dress. But we have to go with the gorgeous red top. Just because it’s summer and we can’t have enough of those boho feels. We are hearting those aviators no less, though.

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