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Why iPhone 8 may not cost a fortune in India

Why iPhone 8 may not cost a fortune in India
There might be some good news for iPhone lovers in India, as there are reports which suggest that the next Apple iPhone 8 might cost much less than the existing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

It is believed that a team of Apple officials would meet ministries senior officials, including the finance and IT people on January 25, where in discussions regarding the logistics for putting up the manufacturing unit will take place. In case all goes as planned by Apple, then India might see an iPhone manufactured by April 2017.

According to a report, there will be a host of officials from places like DeITY (electronics and information technology), DIPP (industrial policy and promotion), environment and forest that will discuss the plans and logistics, by which Apple could set up its manufacturing plant in India.

Taiwanese OEM makers and Wistron are two major partners that manufacture iPhones, along with Foxconn. Apple along with Foxconn were in talks with the Government of India last month, in which they pitched in to plant a manufacturing hub in Bengaluru’s Industrial area, Peenya.

Considering the options, Apple has asked the Government to consider some incentives and duty exemptions, which could help them establish in the manufacturing sector of India, and looking at the company’s track record of building the best in the class products, Apple supposes the Indian government to grant the added incentives.

With the talks underway, there still is no confirmation if Indian ministry would consider the duty and incentive exemptions. More so, in an attempt to sell refurbished smartphones in India, the Government had already rejected the idea since it would end up causing an e-waste situation in the country.

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