Wonderflip just announced its first phase of lineup and we can’t wait to get to the circus
Pop Culture
The Wonderflip festival has announced its first phase of lineup. With a mix of international and locally brewed talent, the Wonderflip festival is going to be a wonderland set in a rustic and idyllic old haveli near Udaipur in Rajasthan.

The lineup is divided into electronic acts and live acts, both sprinkled with some of the best music talent in the world. Take Patrice Baumel for instance. The Amsterdam based DJ and producer is world renowned and is the long-running resident DJ at the iconic Trouw in Amsterdam which is one of Europe's most exciting place for electronic music. He is known for his hypnotic sets with ambient textures and elements of trance weaving a long narrative.

Prolific German duo Frankey and Sandrino will also be joining the circus with their penchant to fill dance floors with epic moments of deep and melodic music. The duo came together in 2010 and has seen a meteoric rise in the music scene winning Ibiza DJ Awards' Track of the Season 2015 for their dance floor anthem Alcamar .

Boiler Room 2016 star Eagles and Butterflies, aka LA based producer Chris Baratt will be bringing his own brand of electronic storm to the wonderland. He will be dishing out some of the chillest vibes in the festival with his downtempo, techno and house music.

With his 20 year long experience, Atmos will responsibly turn on the groove with his version of progressive trance and electronica. His energy will be matched by the young and energetic Siddhant Kapoor aka Bullzeye, one of the most recognised faces in the Indian DJ circuit.

The current No.1 DJ in India for electronic music, Ankytrixx will be spinning his magic too at the circus. This self-taught DJ and producer does abstract exploration of electronic music based upon the timbres of space and non representational forms of sonic material. Sounds futuristic enough?

8-Bit Culprit, the House/Techno project of Faraz Ehsan from Kolkata will also be present at the circus. He takes a ' less is more' strategy resulting in a mimimalist approach to his music and weaves a story to his audience.

Now a circus set in an idyllic Rajasthani haveli is incomplete without the traditional folk songs. But since this is Wonderflip, a festival aimed to flip the traditional ideas of a circus and festival in their heads, Gipsy Sound Revolution will spin together the folk sounds of Manganiyars with flamenco, rumba and pop. Watch cultural boundaries dissolve in their music as the gypsies will dish out an amalgamation of both worlds.

Following their act, Italian composer Gaudi will take over The Marquee alongside England-based beatboxer Danny Ladwa. Reggae, dub, worldbeat are some music genres that surface in his music.

Lastly, but not in any way the least, Gaurav Raina, the one-half of the Midival Punditz will be performing solo as Grain. His solo project is all about going back to the roots and producing deep, experimental electronic music.

With the first phase of the lineup announced, the Wonderflip festival has officially begun its countdown. The early bird tickets are now live and the second and the final phase will be announced in the coming weeks.