Blackmail DDOS Attack Takes Out Major Online Chat Service Campfire

Mario Aguilar, Gawker Media

Blackmail DDOS Attack Takes Out Major Online Chat Service Campfire

Currently, Gawker Media is in a state of distress. We can't get into our group chat system called Campfire because it's currently being nailed with a DDoS attack. Turns out some blackmailing hackers are trying to extort money from the provider. They're refusing to negotiate.

37Signals, the company behind Campfire posted the following to its blog:

Criminals have laid siege to our networks using what's called a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) starting at 8:46 central time, March 24 2014. The goal is to make Basecamp, and the rest of our services, unavailable by flooding the network with bogus requests, so nothing legitimate can come through. This attack was launched together with a blackmail attempt that sought to have us pay to avoid this assault.

Note that this attack targets the network link between our servers and the internet. All the data is safe and sound, but nobody is able to get to it as long as the attack is being successfully executed. This is like a bunch of people blocking the front door and not letting you into your house. The contents of your house are safe - you just can't get in until they get out of the way.

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