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Gmail's Android app just got a big fat update that's now available in the Play Store, and it's mostly good stuff. For starters, the new inbox labels (and their sorting mechanism) introduced as tabs in the web interface are now here. There's also a new slideout navigation panel to view your inboxes and labels, and you can access this at any time by tapping the Gmail icon in the top left corner. Plus, messages are now displayed with senders' display pictures alongside them, and the app substitutes a tile with the first letter of a sender's name if there's no picture to show.
A few things have been changed shuffled around too: the checkboxes next to messages have been removed, and you won't see the delete button (with a trash can icon) anymore by default.

Selecting multiple messages So how do you select messages for bulk actions? If you've got the sender images on, you can simply tap those to select messages and then tap a button in the action bar to archive, toggle read status or add/change labels. If you've turned sender images off (by heading into Settings > General settings), simply tap and hold any message and then tap more messages to select them all.

Bring back the delete button To bring back the absconding delete button, go to Settings > General settings and check out the first item labelled Archive & delete actions. Choosing the second or third option on that list will bring back the delete button -- choosing the second will also enable deleting messages with a swipe.

If you can't yet see these changes on your device, try forcing an update by heading into the Play Store.

Gmail 4.5 | Android