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Waze Has New Celebrity Voice Navigation

Waze Has New Celebrity Voice Navigation

Who wouldn't want Kevin Hart yelling accurate but somehow disparaging directions at them while they're trying to drive? No one. So Waze made a deal with Universal Pictures to get celebrities talking at us while we're lost.

Kevin Hart from Real Husbands of Hollywood is the first celebrity voice and did the Waze recording to promote an upcoming movie, Ride Along, which opens in January. Google bought the service for $1.3 billion earlier in 2013, and since the app is free to download, Waze is clearly looking to drum up revenue through advertising in different ways to its 50 million users. Switch on the famous by going to Settings -> Sound -> English - Ride Along. The dulcet tones of Kevin Hart can be stressing you out in no time. [VentureBeat via TechMeme]

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