Apple wants you to be a master of iOS 11 before it releases on the iPad
Apple will release its next iOS version for public sometime in the third quarter but the company already want's you to master some of the new features that come with iOS 11. The Cupertino giant has released six videos that showcase additional capabilities that iOS 11 brings to the iPad family.

These six how-to videos cover host of new features that enhance productivity on all its devices especially the iPad. Features such as easy file sharing that's spring-loaded, managing files via the new Files app, using apps in split-screen, new multitasking window, redesigned dock and improved support for Apple Pencil bring simplicity to the iPad, boosting efficiency.

The first video shows the users how to customise and manage apps on the new dock going on further to display the functions of the apps in the dock. So a long press on any app will display the recent file through a pop-up. Through the dock, users can now just drag and drop files across apps as long as the app is accessible through the dock.

Files app is a new addition to iOS 11 which makes it easier for users to access their files in one place. The second video demonstrates some of the features that come with the Files app such as managing recent files, folders and favourites, moving files into a different folder using drag and drop along with accessing files from cloud services.

Apple's third video demonstrates how to use multitasking on iPad quickly. In iOS 11, users can just long press an app from the dock and slide it to the screen which will open the app in the foreground.

The A pple Pencil is an integral part of the iPad's experience. With more advancements going into making it closely knit to the interface and features, the fourth video shows how to scan and sign a document without any hassle.

The next video shows how to markup things using the Pencil. With iOS 11 it's easier to mark and share a note, mail attachments, pictures and screenshots.

The last video released by Apple boasts of its multitouch gestures such as dragging and dropping multiple images simultaneously, accessing the control centre and using a five-finger pinch to return to the homescreen.