Charli XCX’s new video has hot men licking pancakes and flamingoes
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British singer, songwriter, Charli XCX is serious about flipping gender roles. In her latest music video, for the song " Boys", she pulls in a tub full of hot celebrity boys, serving a dish of seriously hot sex on testosterone. And there is NOT A SINGLE female backup dancer, singer, anywhere in the near vicinity. The show is being run by the boys, in a video, that is the exact opposite of stereotypical gender roles. And we can't stop applauding ( or salivating for that matter).

The video features an entourage of celebrities like Riz Ahmed, Diplo, Stormzy, Tom Daley, Joe Jonas, Wiz Khalifa, Mark Ronson, Ezra Koenig, Flume, Vance Joy, Mac DeMarco, Ty Dolla $ign, Charlie Puth, Kaytranada, Chromeo, Jack Antonoff, G-Eazy, and Will.I.Am. Doing things, that women are generally observed to be doing in most videos. That includes seductively licking on a plate of pancakes, cuddling with bright coloured terriers, and soaking themselves in soap, while washing their cars.

In an interview with the Junkee, Charlie says, "Obviously, the whole idea behind my video was to avert the male gaze. All the guys are in this video because they have a sense of humour and because they understood the concept. I told them about the whole idea of averting male gaze and they were all really into it and reacted really positively to it," she added. "You can read into that deep or as little as you want, but obviously I made a conscious decision not to be in the video and to have all the guys doing the sexy things that girls are normally doing - which I think they enjoyed."

About getting all the male stars in one platform, and kickstarting the video, she explains "I knew a lot of the guys already so I basically just harassed them for months and hit them up and and said, "Please do this video." Some people were super chill and really easy and for some people it took longer, but everyone was down. I actually joined a really funny dating app that I knew some people were on so that I could get to them, which is kind of crazy. Most of the time I was just hitting people up and I'm really happy that the guys said yes. No one was a diva."

The talented 25-year old pop star, has co-written a variety of songs with celebrated artists, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, Will.I.Am, and Rita Ora, among others. Charli's own, third album is due to be released next year.


We cannot even begin to get started on the fashion. Even if it is men's. Whether it's the body tattoos, or half unbuttoned floral shirts, there is enough swag for us to ignore other girl videos (at least for today).

Someone seriously dropped the heat on this. Did you just call for a bathroom break?

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